February 2023 Reflection

Whew, February is done. Time to take a look at what I managed to accomplish.  If you’ve been following along with the blog then you already know that for 2023 I’ve left myself a big BLANK page of year long goals. I’ll add to them when I focus on them and mark them completed when... Continue Reading →

NaNo Update, Almost the End

Today is November 28th. I officially have 3 days left to reach my goal of 50,000 words for National Novel Writing Month. I say 3 because I haven’t written today (yet).  Am I on track? No.  Am I close? Yes.  Right this second, I’m at 42117 words. According to the NaNo website’s helpful statistics page,... Continue Reading →

October Wrap Up

12 Books  4,095 Pages 132 Pages per day (YAY) GENRE 3 Contemporary Fiction 2 Romance 2 Fantasy 2 Horror 2 Mystery/Thriller 1 Paranormal Seriously, I read everything. Got a genre you think I should try, let me know! I'm always up for new things. AGE RANGE 5 Young Adult 7 Adult WHERE DID I GET... Continue Reading →

September Wrap Up

11 Books 3,231 Pages107 Pages per day (high-five that unofficial goal) SIDE NOTE I don’t have official reading per day/month goals. I have a year long goal (104 books) which breaks down to 2 per week. Sometimes I’m ahead. Sometimes I’m behind. Also, in a perfect world I’d read about 100 pages a day (preference) but... Continue Reading →

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