30 Day Writing Challenge-Day 11

I have always had a rather active imagination. Not surprising, really, since I became a fantasy writer. My mind wanders constantly, often creating random "what if..." situations. I got better at writing those down as I got older. They often become the ideas for my books or scenes in a book. Here are a few... Continue Reading →

30 Day Writing Challenge-Day 10

Let's do a poem for something I feel strongly about. My children.   The day you were born changed everything and probably not in the way you think. Before you, I was serious, never emotional, and too busy being busy to stop and enjoy life. You gave me the time to slow things down, breathe,... Continue Reading →

30 Day Writing Challenge-Day 6

Remember, if you have a blog you can play along with this writing challenge too!  Today's challenge asks the best ways to win my heart. Well, it's already been done! So, for inspiration, I'm going to focus on my awesome husband and all the ways he captures my heart on a regular basis. Make me... Continue Reading →

30 Day Writing Challenge-Day 5

My husband and I have a wonderful plan for when our kids are grown and we retire. We plan to travel the world, enjoying food and wine from some of the most amazing places. We're really open to lots of countries, but here are five we've discussed (in no particular order). Ireland Germany Italy Canada... Continue Reading →

30 Day Challenge-Day Three

In no particular order, here are the three things that bug me the most.   Cars that don't follow the procedures for a proper "zipper" merge (on either side). Auto Correct. The sound of people chewing.   That's it for mine! What are your biggest pet peeves?          

30 Day Writing Challenge-Day 2

When I was a kid I wrote short stories. I wrote them for fun. Usually they were scribbled in little notebooks and forgotten about. One day I was writing in my little notebook at my grandmother's house. She read the story right there at her kitchen table. I remember her sitting in her little wooden... Continue Reading →

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