August Wrap up and September Goals

Projection was chosen as the September book of the month for Mabby’s Book Club over on Twitter! Basically, we read the book and at the end of the month the ladies from Mabby’s post discussion questions and you can TWEET your answers/discussion. It’s a LOT of fun and a good excuse to read Projection! Grab... Continue Reading →

June Wrap-Up and July Goals

June WRAP UP Write 1000 Words (per day)FAILEDI averaged 906 words per dayI wrote a grand total of 27,192 words this monthPart of the problem making this goal was the fact that I also CUT some words from the book I was editing. When you write 1,200 but cut 400 you miss the goal for... Continue Reading →

June Progress Check

It’s already June 20th (YIKES) and I decided it’s nice to check in with my accountability team (read: you fine people) regarding June’s goals.

One Year Later

A year ago I said I was stepping away from the classroom, where I spent fifteen years, to try writing for a year. Times up and it’s time to check in on that decision.

January Wrap Up and February Goals

JANUARY WRAP UP Write 1,400 Words (per day)ACHIEVED!I averaged 1,525 words per day in JanuaryBest Day: January 24 with 6,318 words writtenGrand Total: 47,276 wordsRead 140 Pages (per day)ACHIEVED!I averaged 141 pages per day in JanuaryBest Day: January 10 with 410 pages readGrand Total: 4,382 pagesEdit 1 Chapter per dayACHIEVEDI averaged 1.8 chapters per day... Continue Reading →

Almost There Progress Check

I'm going to check in on my goals today after the holiday break. December Goals Write 1,400 words per day. When I last checked in with you I was behind, but not giving up yet. That remains true. I actually caught up for a while but taking an extra day (yesterday) to enjoy the holidays... Continue Reading →

Mid Month Progress Check

It's December 14th. Let's check on my December goals.  Good morning and happy middle (ish) of the month. I decided I better to a progress check, join me if you feel the need! Let’s take a look at my OFFICIAL GOALS for December again Write 1,400 words per dayRead 140 pages per dayBlog 10 timesWalk... Continue Reading →

October 2018

This month most of my social media platforms will be focused on my work-in-progress which finally has a name. Here are some ways you can get more of this book.

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