January Wrap Up and February Goals

JANUARY WRAP UP Write 1,400 Words (per day)ACHIEVED!I averaged 1,525 words per day in JanuaryBest Day: January 24 with 6,318 words writtenGrand Total: 47,276 wordsRead 140 Pages (per day)ACHIEVED!I averaged 141 pages per day in JanuaryBest Day: January 10 with 410 pages readGrand Total: 4,382 pagesEdit 1 Chapter per dayACHIEVEDI averaged 1.8 chapters per day... Continue Reading →

Almost There Progress Check

I'm going to check in on my goals today after the holiday break. December Goals Write 1,400 words per day. When I last checked in with you I was behind, but not giving up yet. That remains true. I actually caught up for a while but taking an extra day (yesterday) to enjoy the holidays... Continue Reading →

Mid Month Progress Check

It's December 14th. Let's check on my December goals.  Good morning and happy middle (ish) of the month. I decided I better to a progress check, join me if you feel the need! Let’s take a look at my OFFICIAL GOALS for December again Write 1,400 words per dayRead 140 pages per dayBlog 10 timesWalk... Continue Reading →

October 2018

This month most of my social media platforms will be focused on my work-in-progress which finally has a name. Here are some ways you can get more of this book.

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