December Reviews, 2

I’ve finished my last book reviews for December (and the year). Let’s dive into the details. Statistics Age Category: 2 A, 4 YA You know what’s funny? The two adult books I read this time were not even the deepest or most difficult reads. There were a few deep or long YA books in this... Continue Reading →

Shield Challenges

All year long I've been doing 4 really specific reading challenges each month. I've called them SHIELD CHALLENGES. Well, 2020 is almost over. It's time to review them!

Beat the Backlist 2020

How did none of you tell me this was a thing? Apparently there's a "beat the backlist" reading challenge every year. Turning backlist reading into a game I can win is TOTALLY my thing! Of course, you know me, I had to try the EPIC bingo board. Because "go big or go home" right? So... Continue Reading →

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