Noises From the Other Side

When I originally wrote the book that would become Noises From the Other Side I wasn’t sure how good it was. That happens to me a lot, actually. I have this great idea that I’m all fired up about. I write an outline. I write the book. Then I get worried that it wasn’t really... Continue Reading →

ARC Open Call!!!

Do YOU have a blog, review books online, or some kind of social media presence for books? Noises From the Other Side is a YA paranormal thriller coming October 18th. ARCs go out July 18th and there are still a few spots open on the list! Drop a comment if you're interested and someone from... Continue Reading →

2021 Quarter 3 Stats

I just went searching back through my old documents and in the MOST 2021 move ever … it seems I never actually posted (or looked at) my second quarter stats in 2021. Is that right? It doesn’t seem right, but here we are.  SO today I’ll make sure I compare the 3rd quarter (which just... Continue Reading →

July Accountability

This morning on Twitter one of the hashtag games I play had a question about an accountability buddy. Basically, this is someone who would hold you accountable to your goals. The idea is that this person would give you the impression that someone is waiting for your work, eager to read it when you’re finished. ... Continue Reading →

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