July Accountability

This morning on Twitter one of the hashtag games I play had a question about an accountability buddy. Basically, this is someone who would hold you accountable to your goals. The idea is that this person would give you the impression that someone is waiting for your work, eager to read it when you’re finished. 

Screenshot of my Twitter feed … follow me to catch them when they happen LOL

I realized, that’s what I’ve always used this blog for. 

Since the blog started, I’ve always imagined someone is reading the posts and enjoying the progress of the books as they happen. In my mind there’s someone, somewhere, who enjoys reading about the ones that are just barely starting. They like hearing about the process. 

I think the reason why I’ve struggled to put things on the blog lately is that I’m realizing this is not exactly true. It’s reality proving to me that I was imagining that person all along. There’s no one really reading every blog post, commenting about their excitement, and pushing me to keep going. That’s all in my head. 

One of the BEST quotes ever about imagination, right?

Then, this morning, I realized that’s ok. I can be my own accountability person. Maybe that person who delights in hearing about the progress of my works is ME. That’s pretty cool too, I think. 

So, this one is for me. 

It’s July 20th today. Entirely too far into the month for the small amount of editing I’ve done, but at least I’ve gotten some done. I made it through Part 1 of the Ghostly YA (which is divided into 2 slightly uneven parts). Then I made notes about scenes or places that really had to be beefed up in order for Part 2 to hit the way I want it to. I’m adding those in now, putting words into the draft. I wanted to be done editing the entire draft by the end of the month so I’ll really have to buckle down if there’s any chance of that happening. Not really sure why the progress is so slow, honestly. I feel like I’m working on it all the time but it’s just slow going. Maybe because this is a first draft and first draft edits can be chunky. 

Reading is also moving like molasses in wintertime. I had only 4 books on the TBR (thank God) and I’m not even done with them all. I’ve finished 3 and I’m working on the last one now. I’ve enjoyed 2 of the 3 so it has nothing to do with having to slog through rough books … it’s just that I feel like I’m reading really slowly lately. Also, I’ve basically lost all my audiobook time now that I’m carpooling to work. So I’m really not even tossing in some bonus books this month. This may be my lowest reading month yet! I think that’s ok. 

I think soon I’ll need to be making some BIG DECISIONS about the future of my business, blog, and YouTube channel. I keep putting off the big decisions, hoping that something will come along that will make the decision for me. But at the end of the day it’s MY company. The decision has to be mine. Nothing drastic and crazy (I promise) just thinks that need to be decided. Soon … I’ll make myself do it soon.

Alright, that’s the accountability post.

If you did read this far, drop a comment and let me know!  

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  1. Great post, at the end of the day the best accountability partner will always be your honest self.

  2. 100% Agree, mostly! I think I am one of your top fans and I sure do read all your blogs. Altho I am guilty of it always commenting! I have even gone back and re-read them!
    Keep Plotting the Path to Your Dreams!!! ❤️

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