Quarter 3 Statistics

Firstly, my apologies for posting TWICE in one day. The NaNo post was supposed to go up yesterday but LIFE happened. So, they ended up both being today. I'm sorry if that's confusing, annoying, or frustrating. It doesn't happen often! Anyway, a new video dropped on YouTube today filled with all kinds of wonderful statistics... Continue Reading →

Another New Normal

When I lost my maternal grandmother, I blogged about finding my new normal. What I didn’t mention then was that my paternal grandmother was a big part of that. She was that link to her generation. I even remember her saying to me, on the porch during my Nana’s celebration of life, “I’m the last... Continue Reading →


Today, I wanted to check in on how that process is going for me and give you some places where you can get some more ideas if you think your list is too short.

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