November vs October

If you're looking for individual statistics for November or to check on my progress with my goals for 2019, check out this video. As promised in the video above let's dig into the comparison between October and November reading statistics. Totals OctoberNovemberBooks Read1410Pages Read46503159Pages Per Day150103% IndependentlyPublished2820 This table indicates how the month generally... Continue Reading →

August Wrap up and September Goals

Projection was chosen as the September book of the month for Mabby’s Book Club over on Twitter! Basically, we read the book and at the end of the month the ladies from Mabby’s post discussion questions and you can TWEET your answers/discussion. It’s a LOT of fun and a good excuse to read Projection! Grab... Continue Reading →

July Wrap-Up and August Goals

July Wrap-Up Write 1000 Words (per day)ACHIEVEDI averaged 1,054 words per dayI wrote a grand total of 32,691 words this monthMy best day was the 8th with a total of 4,218 words!Read 150 Pages (per day)ACHIEVEDI averaged 156 pages per dayI read a grand total of 17 books this month (watch my review wrap up... Continue Reading →

June Wrap-Up and July Goals

June WRAP UP Write 1000 Words (per day)FAILEDI averaged 906 words per dayI wrote a grand total of 27,192 words this monthPart of the problem making this goal was the fact that I also CUT some words from the book I was editing. When you write 1,200 but cut 400 you miss the goal for... Continue Reading →

June Progress Check

It’s already June 20th (YIKES) and I decided it’s nice to check in with my accountability team (read: you fine people) regarding June’s goals.

April Wrap Up and May Goals

April Wrap Up Write 500 Words (per day)ACHIEVEDI averaged 522 words per dayI wrote a grand total of 15,677 words this month (despite subbing)My best day was the 29th with a total of 3,306 words!Read 100 Pages (per day)ACHIEVEDI averaged 112 pages per dayI read a grand total of 9 books this monthEdit 1 Chapter... Continue Reading →

March Wrap-Up and April Goals

March Wrap-Up Write 500 Words (per day)FAILEDI averaged 427 words per day.I wrote a grand total of 13,267 words this month despite being in serious editing mode on 2 books and subbing full-time in a 4th grade classroom.My best day was March 21st with 3,422 words.Read 100 pages (per day)ACHIEVEDI averaged 119 pages per day.I... Continue Reading →

February Wrap Up and March Goals

FEBRUARY WRAP UP Write 1,500 Words (per day)FAILEDI averaged 1,136 words per day.I wrote a grand total of 31,810 words this month despite traveling for my son’s hockey, being in editing mode, and being sick.My best day was February 7th with 4,910 words.Read 140 pages (per day)ACHIEVEDI averaged 146 pages per day.I read a grand... Continue Reading →

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