April Wrap Up and May Goals

April Wrap Up Write 500 Words (per day)ACHIEVEDI averaged 522 words per dayI wrote a grand total of 15,677 words this month (despite subbing)My best day was the 29th with a total of 3,306 words!Read 100 Pages (per day)ACHIEVEDI averaged 112 pages per dayI read a grand total of 9 books this monthEdit 1 Chapter... Continue Reading →

March Wrap-Up and April Goals

March Wrap-Up Write 500 Words (per day)FAILEDI averaged 427 words per day.I wrote a grand total of 13,267 words this month despite being in serious editing mode on 2 books and subbing full-time in a 4th grade classroom.My best day was March 21st with 3,422 words.Read 100 pages (per day)ACHIEVEDI averaged 119 pages per day.I... Continue Reading →

February Wrap Up and March Goals

FEBRUARY WRAP UP Write 1,500 Words (per day)FAILEDI averaged 1,136 words per day.I wrote a grand total of 31,810 words this month despite traveling for my son’s hockey, being in editing mode, and being sick.My best day was February 7th with 4,910 words.Read 140 pages (per day)ACHIEVEDI averaged 146 pages per day.I read a grand... Continue Reading →

January Wrap Up and February Goals

JANUARY WRAP UP Write 1,400 Words (per day)ACHIEVED!I averaged 1,525 words per day in JanuaryBest Day: January 24 with 6,318 words writtenGrand Total: 47,276 wordsRead 140 Pages (per day)ACHIEVED!I averaged 141 pages per day in JanuaryBest Day: January 10 with 410 pages readGrand Total: 4,382 pagesEdit 1 Chapter per dayACHIEVEDI averaged 1.8 chapters per day... Continue Reading →

December Wrap-Up and January Goals

December Wrap Up Write 1,400 WordsACHIEVED!I averaged 1,401 words in DecemberBest Day: December 31st with 5,068 words writtenGrand Total: 43,431 wordsRead 140 PagesFailed (again)I averaged 133 pages per day in DecemberBest Day: December 13th with 293 pages readGrand Total: 4,134 pagesPoints of InterestDespite missing my reading goal for a few months there in the end... Continue Reading →

Almost There Progress Check

I'm going to check in on my goals today after the holiday break. December Goals Write 1,400 words per day. When I last checked in with you I was behind, but not giving up yet. That remains true. I actually caught up for a while but taking an extra day (yesterday) to enjoy the holidays... Continue Reading →

Mid Month Progress Check

It's December 14th. Let's check on my December goals.  Good morning and happy middle (ish) of the month. I decided I better to a progress check, join me if you feel the need! Let’s take a look at my OFFICIAL GOALS for December again Write 1,400 words per dayRead 140 pages per dayBlog 10 timesWalk... Continue Reading →

30 Day Writing Challenge-Day 29

I haven't given much thought to how November really went (because it went so fast) or how December will go yet. I guess today is as good a day as any to do just that. November Wrap-Up First, let me say this. November is not over! These will not be my official numbers until tomorrow.... Continue Reading →

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