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The walk of nightmares
The walk of nightmares

As a writing teacher, I’m often asking my kids to write about any given prompt at the drop of a hat.  We change up what style we write, how long we write for, how many words are allowed, or even the first line.  Then you just GO!  It’s fun.  I often join in.

Here’s one that I wrote based on a prompt the kids used.  It’s not a full story, owing to the time limit the kids were put under.  It’s just enough to get people interested.

Feel free to join in on the comments section!

(Credit for the prompt goes to the McDonald Publishing Company, St Louis, Missouri)

The first line of your story must be exactly as follows: “Quick, over here!” said the salesperson as she turned on the flashlight.

“Quick, over here!” said the salesperson as she turned on the flashlight.  I shaded my eyes to hide from the yellow beam.  The woman was in a part of the store I hadn’t noticed before.  My feet were firmly planted between two clothing racks with my favorite word, CLEARANCE, but she was standing where I’m confident there has always been a wall.

Intrigued, I stepped in her direction.  “Have you been standing here–”

“No time for that.  Get in here.”  The flashlight beam was turned onto the ground and I could just make out her features in the fading light.  She was shorter than me, maybe just over five feet.  Her hair was braided down her back in a long dark rope. She was wearing the typical employee uniform; red shirt and tan pants.

“We are in need of your services.”  She rushed to explain.  “Follow me; we’ll see the council and they will explain everything.”

“The council?”  I fumbled for my first question.  “Who’s the council?”  Off she went, down the corridor.  I turned to look behind me, but in the darkness I couldn’t find the doorway we came through. “That’s odd…there should be a door here somewhere.”

“If you don’t hurry, Tana, we will be late.”  The woman’s voice was fading fast down the long hallway.  Despite the fact that I knew  it was unwise to follow a stranger who happened to know my first name down a weird corridor that appeared out of nowhere in the store, I didn’t really see any other options.

I followed her.

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