I’m so busy trying to edit quickly so I can start sending query letters.  It’s like I’ve forgotten what a waiting game sending query letters will be.  I’m literally dashing to join the line of people waiting.  It’s odd.

I need to remember to slow down and appreciate the fact that the first draft is done!


As in typed out.  Outline run its course.  Done.

That’s a good feeling.

What are the other milestones that we blow past in an effort to get to the next?

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  1. Congrats on completing the first draft 🙂 I fear I may never get to that point lol Had half my novel done, then came to the realization that it lacked a solid structure. Oh well. Better to figure it out half-way and start over than to figure it out when completed and having to entirely start over!

    1. Have you tried starting with a full outline? Write out the idea of the story in full, including the ending, before you start. It’s easier to catch structural errors when it’s that small, also easier to make quick changes. I’ve had success with that.

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