Dear 2016 Me,

If I would like to argue that there will be a best version of me in 2016, it implies that there will also be the opposite.  In other words, at some point this year, you have to expect you’ll find the worst version of me for the year.  Sure, we all go into the year hoping that the worst is still pretty darn good…but it still holds up as a worst.

This post is intended for THAT version of me.  For those days when I drag myself home from school with barely any energy.  For those days when I can feel my self-esteem has taken a few too many hits.  For those days when I just feel blah.  I will be able to find this post, read it again, and reset.  Maybe it helps you too, that would be cool.

  1. You are good enough for whatever it is you are striving to do.
  2. You are not allergic to hard work and you never have been.


  1. Everything worth doing is hard.  It if was easy you’d never remember it.
  2. Trust your heart it has always lead you down the right path before.  It will again.
  3. Who really matters?  Do it for them and only them.


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