Back to Reality (Again)

My brain right now…

Another week off down and I’m staring down the barrel of the first day back.

Actually this one is different than the last time I wrote to you about time off.  This time I’m returning to the magical fourth quarter.  The one where things start to seem possible and refreshing again.  The one where you actually start to see some of that amazing growth you’ve been working toward all year.  The one where the kids are starting to get that nervous excitement for next year.  The one with the countdown.

Of course, I haven’t officially started the countdown yet.  Mostly due to the fact that I haven’t taken the time to pull out the calendar and actually count it.  I should probably do that…but it’s pretty far down the to-do list.

Now I get to head back to school.  I get to pack up all the materials I dragged home for my week off and never really touched.  I get to lug everything back to campus and stress out about how far behind I am at work because I chose to write and paint my house.  I had a relaxing week…but that is over now.  Oh, and did I mention we’re coming back to parent-teacher conference week?

Whew, there’s the stress.  I knew it would come!

Have a good week, everyone!  I know I’ll try to.

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