Lines from Page 5 (or 16, or 27, or 38)


Like so many of you, I participate in #1linewed on Twitter (@ShipleyTabatha if you’re interested).  I decided to post my lines from yesterday here for those of you who aren’t on Twitter and those who simply missed the lines.  Enjoy!

From an old manuscript I may visit again, page 5:“Maybe we’ll do it again.” I shake his hand and smile politely. He’s only being nice, neither one of us wants to do this again.

From my WIP YA fantasy, page 5: I did it. I finally have the chance to live somewhere else, to try something new, to be a part of something bigger.

From my YA Sci-Fi (currently looking for representation…wink wink), page 38: Mindless work, this table setting. Frees my mind up to waltz back to the subject of my date.

From my completed YA fantasy, book 2 in the series, page 5: “I know you love me, I feel it. But am I competing with him?”

From my completed YA fantasy, book 1 in the series, page 5: “You must focus. The council is going to be waiting on you to err, Eselda. Do not give them that.”

Which one do you think received the most love on this #1linewed?


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