I have gone around and around about how to write this post. I have rewritten it, changed the voice, deleted the entire file, pulled the file back out of my trash bin, and then rewritten it again. I don’t want to sound like I’m an expert. I don’t want to sound whiny. I’ve decided I’m just going with this revision, no matter what happens.

As of the end of May, I will no longer be able to say I am a teacher. I am taking a year off. I have been working at this writing thing for awhile now. I have 5 full length novels written, 1 screenplay written, and 3 more books in the works.

There are really three different ways to go about publishing nowadays: traditional publishing, self publishing, independent publishing. I have done a lot of research into the three of them. I have talked to a lot of people in the business. The decisions I’ve made are not for everyone. Heck, I don’t even know if they’re truly best for me. But they’re my decisions. Wish me the best.

“There are moments when you must be prepared to take a risk to do something crazy!” -Paulo Coelho

This summer is going to be HUGE.

My book, 30 Days Without Wings, which is a middle grades fantasy story about a faerie who takes a BIG risk to try and cope with a devastating heartache, is available for preorder on ebook right now with Barnes and Noble and Amazon. It’s independently published, my choice. It got great reviews from the people who had a chance to join my facebook page or follow it on wattpad while it was free. It already has orders for its May 1 release.

My book, Breaking Eselda, which is a young adult fantasy story about a Princess who is taking the throne of her Kingdom during a time of terrible turmoil, is available on right now! It’s self published, my choice. It has great reviews from beta readers and already has orders, even though it went live only tonight.

“When you want something you have never had, you have to do something you have never done.”

After this summer, things are going to be BUSY.

I’m going to do more writing.

I’m going to do more reading.

I’m going to do more editing.

I’m going to do more blogging.

Thanks for finding me here. Thanks for sticking with me when things got quiet. Thanks for the support.

This journey isn’t over. So thanks, in advance, for all the support yet to come.

If you check out the book(s), I hope you’ll give ‘em a review.

Much Love,



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  1. Good for you. I feel like I’m in the same boat. In fact, I wrote a post the other day about my frustration with getting a foot in the traditional publishing door and wondering if it’s all worth it. I didn’t post it, probably for the same reasons you debated about this post. I’m considering Smashwords and CreateSpace. I know I’m not going to make any money. But if I’m writing and nobody is reading, then what’s the point, right? Best of luck to you!

    1. You’re echoing my thoughts, Lisa. If no one is reading than what is the point? PLUS if you don’t risk big you can’t win big…right?
      I’ll keep you posted on the progress.
      Best of luck to you!

    1. For my independent book I designed the cover myself (I dabble in photo editing already). For the self published I paid someone to do it and the cover is GORGEOUS. I would highly recommend looking into a cover design service (mine was through lulu when I published).

    1. Thank you! The support I’ve received from readers just like you gave me the confidence I needed to take this leap. You ROCK!

  2. So excited for this new chapter in your life! Mostly because I will get some awesome reads our of it! Sending you all the goodness!

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