Research is a necessary part of writing. I write fantasy, mostly, so my research isn’t typically centered around events that have actually happened. I spend a lot of time looking up behavioral analysis, locations, astrological signs, you name it! Let’s look at some of the most popular questions writers get about research (play along in the comments if you’re a researcher).


What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever researched?

Probably “brands of cigarettes with red packages”. Not only is it oddly specific but I don’t smoke.


If someone checked your history, what is one search that you may have to explain?

“Signs you are in an abusive relationship”

I am NOT, I have never wondered if I was. Long story short, one of my characters is. There were a lot of related searches to this.


How important is research to your current work-in-progress?


They are using satellite images to find locations all over the world. I’m spending a lot of time on google earth.


What is something most people assume you know about that you actually researched?

I’d have to say it is actually something I do know a lot about…musicians. I played the flute and was in band in middle and high school. I am surrounded by musicians all the time. I love musicians. But when it came to writing Todd (30 Days Without Wings) I had to do some research, including talking to a few people. Todd isn’t a band kid. He’s more of a stand-alone musician. He wouldn’t join a marching band. He wouldn’t even join a rock band. It’s just not his thing. He wants to write and play his guitar. Period.


What is the most recent thing you googled for a project?

“Large touch screen monitor”, according to my search history.


What is something related to writing that you would bet all writers have googled?

“How many rejections did JK Rowling get before being published”


What advice do you have for researching writers?

Bookmark the sites that are useful. When you’re editing, you’ll want them again!


Any I missed? Ask them in the comments!

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