A Post in Which I Talk About the Weather

Autumn/Fall, whatever you call it, is my absolutely favorite season of the year. Even in Arizona, where leaves changing color aren’t exactly commonplace, this is the time of the year when our temperatures actually start dropping and the wind starts blowing. When I can sit with my front door and the windows wide open and listen to the sounds of birds chirping. Actually, the birds that come to this particular tree in my front yard do more than chirp. They full on fight with each other. Yesterday one rather large one pushed a rather small one out of the tree. These are things I learn in autumn.

I took this on a recent trip to New Hampshire. Excuse the blurriness. I was walking. This is what Phoenicians who love autumn do when they are somewhere that has falling leaves. We take quick pictures. Sometimes they’re blurry.

Today it is a spectacular day, even by autumn standards. The high today is only 70 and it has spent much of the day below that. The sun is shining, the clouds are keeping the sun from being too oppressive, and the breeze is singing. Amazing. Picture perfect day in the valley of Arizona.


Why am I raving about the weather?


I live in Phoenix. We get a handful of days every year when we can fling open the doors and rave about the weather. I have to take time to enjoy these when they come! Phoenix gets an average of 110 days a year over 100 degrees. Take a second to appreciate the ridiculousness that is that statistic. We spend close to a third of the year over one hundred degrees. Worse? This year (2018) we were already over that average before the end of September even hit. Really, I could go on and on about the heat around here. But that wasn’t the point of this post.


The point of this post was that it’s finally gone, at least for today. In fact, the seven day forecast doesn’t even hit 90 degrees and even has a few days with clouds! It’s taken extra time, but it seems like autumn has finally arrived in Phoenix. YAY!

This one is not my picture. Nothing changes for a cactus when Autumn hits. But they take pretty good pictures anyway. Enjoy.

Happy Autumn/Fall everyone!

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