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If, for some reason, you went searching for my newest release, Projection, on Amazon this weekend you were greeted with a shocking sight. “Out of print, limited availability.” Believe me, it shocked me too.

Let’s Talk

I took a risk signing a contract with a brand-new publishing company to bring Projection into the world. I was their first publishing contract. It could’ve been a huge success, or it could’ve flopped. In reality, it landed somewhere in the middle.

I’m happy with the editing. Really, I am. The editing forced me to add scenes that gave the story depth and helped a character find some strength. They left the ending (which I have a reason for) alone.

I’m happy with the cover. The cover is gorgeous. It’s nothing I would’ve been able to envision myself, not really, and yet I love it.

Are there things I would’ve changed? Sure. But isn’t there always? I think the book has reached more people than it may have without the company, and for that I am grateful.

But, this weekend the company decide to close their doors. They pulled Projection and cancelled contracts they may have had out to other authors. It was a shock and a surprise, but in the light of a new week I’m moving on.

The Plan

First of all, if you had me scheduled for an event (I have 4 coming in the next two months) or an interview (I have 1 scheduled right now) to talk about Projection, I will still be there! I have 10 paperback copies of Projection right now, plus copies of my other titles. I also have the new 30 Days Without Wings audiobook to press!

Secondly, if you have a review copy of Projection, PLEASE CONTINUE WITH THE REVIEW. Post it to Goodreads or even Amazon (if they’ll let you). Keep talking about this book, PLEASE.

Because, and this may be the most important announcement, I’m going to republish this title. I already mentioned the things I loved about the print copy. We may as well be completely honest, there were things I didn’t love about the formatting and the back cover. So, I’m working on fixing those as we speak. When that is done, I will be publishing this title again. I’m also going to put the feelers out on getting an audiobook produced.

There will be no changes to the story, no additional scenes, nothing like that. HOWEVER, if you previously reviewed Projection and you’d like a copy of the new one once it comes out so you can make any necessary changes to your review just reach out to me. I will make that happen.

All in all, this was a good experience that resulted in a good book. I believe in that book and I am working to make it available again. I hope you’ll support me by continuing to talk about this title. Hopefully, I’ll be able to link those old reviews with the new ones!


I took a risk on a new company. They took a risk on me. Maybe it wasn’t the result we completely wanted, but it had some good points. In the end, I’ll be taking control of this title again. Maybe that’s fitting.

I appreciate your continued support.

What Can I Do For You?

This experience has made me even more aware of how much it helps when we build each other up. If you are an independent or new author and there’s something I can do to help you (beta read, format, answer questions, review) PLEASE let me know.

We have to support each other.

Talk soon. Keep plotting the path to your dreams and I’ll keep plotting the next step in mine.

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