Controversy Companion Post

Normally when there’s a controversy around the Writing Community online, I stay out of it. I usually don’t weigh in on one side or another. A few times, recently, when I was working on a video I had to mention a controversy. I realized people might be curious about my opinion. So today a video dropped where I gave my opinion on a few of the controversies floating around the Writing Community. 

During the video I mentioned tropes (as you do when you’re talking controversy). Here’s that video in case you want it. 

There are 10 more controversial topics provided by the Writing Community that I didn’t address. Watch the video below to find out which six I did hit. 

Then, drop a comment (here or on YouTube) letting me know if you’d like me to do another video like this with some of the remaining topics. Your opinion matters!

Thanks for your support, here’s that controversy video.

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