Writers are Weird

This morning another tag video dropped on my YouTube channel. 

This video wasn’t originally on my YouTube calendar until next week. But I decided the best time to post it was actually this week. This is a fun, relaxed sort of video. Which we could probably use more of with the current new cycle and mood. 

PLUS this is a tag. Which means if you suddenly find yourself at home with more time on your hands… this gives you something to post about! 

With that in mind, I’m inviting you to…

Even if you don’t have a channel that you regularly use
Even if you aren’t normally a tag video kind of person
Even if you aren’t a writer and can’t technically use these 10 questions

Let’s put a little bit more fun, relaxed, talking about ourselves content out into the world!

Drop a comment (here or on the YouTube channel) with a link to the video you post so I can see. Thanks (in advance) for helping to lighten up my timeline a little!

Here’s the video I did. Enjoy!

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