Quarantine Schedule

We’ve talked about my homeschool schedule already, which is a big part of my quarantine routine. But we haven’t really talked about what I’m trying to do to keep my sanity and my work time preserved. So today, we’re talking about that. Full disclosure: This post was inspired by an Instagram challenge with the prompt “quarantine routine”. I just had a lot to say about it so I figured … blog post!

6:15 Wake up, post Twitter games, watch the news

As I already said in my homeschooling post, the kids are waking up at 7. Waking up 45 minutes before them gives me the chance to wake up slowly. Honestly, I’m loving this after 6 AM thing. “Normally” (as in before the quarantine) we were 5:30 alarm clock people. 

7:00 (ish) Get dressed and ready for the day, have coffee

The kids are up by 7:00 and they are starting their homeschool routine at 8:00. This is our morning time to get going. I am still getting dressed every day (despite working from and being stuck at home). Mostly dressed, anyway. I am working in slippers.

7:30 (ish) Eat breakfast, read

We gave the kids an hour to get up and do their routine before they officially start homeschool. This was so they could also enjoy a little quiet time. Normally by this time they’re chilling watching a TV show or something. So I use this time to sneak some reading in. 

8:00 Homeschool starts

That means the kids are centered somewhere they plan to work for the day and I’m ready to start working. I normally write a little here, but not a lot. The kids frontloaded the subjects they dislike or struggle with into this first work block. That means they need a lot of support here. So typically I work on things that don’t need my full attention (like social media games, idea journal, poetry, or blogs) instead of full drafts which tend to pull me into those worlds. 

9:30 Kids are doing PE

Which means I can snag a computer from one of them because they don’t need it. SWEET! This can be actual work in progress time or catching up on typing whatever I handwrote during the first work block. 

10:00 Kids are back to work time

I usually read, honestly. 

11:30 Kids are doing some kind of household chore

Again, that means open computer. I will usually use this time to work on the active work in progress. Right now I don’t have one (I just finished the YA Contemporary) so I’m in the idea journal trying to pick one. 

12:00 Lunch

I take my hour long lunch (just like the kids) but mine usually involves reading

1:00 Back to school for the kids

But usually after lunch my husband and I switch working areas. He’s on homeschool duty and I’m working in the quieter space. This is my editing push. I’m moving through Training Tutor’s final read pretty quickly, which is good. Hopefully soon I’ll be done with that project and working on the Magical YA or the 4th Fraun book (I have a lot of things that need editing).

2:30 The kids have their hour of personal activity time

Usually I keep editing or writing, since it’s pretty quiet. 

3:30 Back to school

Perfectly coinciding with me deciding I need to stand up and move around. Honestly, I’ve been listening to my audiobook and doing a puzzle sometimes in this spot. 

4:30 Reading

The kids have it on their schedule to drop everything and read. I usually participate. Sometimes I work on the beta reading during this time. 

After that (5:00) someone makes dinner and we all eat together at the table (typical, honestly). We’ve been filling our evenings with puzzles, walks, bike rides, board games, movies, or TV shows. We’re enjoying our time together but we all alternate which days we feel basically DONE with this routine and the lack of options.

How are you filling the quarantine time? Any great tips I should be borrowing? Let me know in the comments!

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