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This afternoon an original tag video dropped on my YouTube channel. The tag itself allows Writers Who Read (like me) to talk about books they’ve READ and books they’ve WRITTEN. It’s a fun way to help viewers see both sides of us! If you have a channel, I hope you’ll take the challenge. Either way, enjoy!

Here’s a few behind-the-scenes fun facts for you:

  • First, a tag missing. I tagged Nicolette Beebe in the description of the video but didn’t mention her in the video itself. Honestly, I love her Instagram content but I didn’t realize she HAD a channel until after we filmed. 
  • I’ve been sitting on the idea for this tag for awhile now. I kept expecting my brain to tell me what a terrible idea it was, or that it was destined to be a failure. Instead, I just kept coming back to what a fun idea it would be. So I took that as a sign and decided to go for it!
  • The flowers that appear in the background of this video were a wonderful “just because” gift from my amazing husband and kids. My family is the best. 
  • I can’t possibly tag everyone who I think would be a good fit for this video, because that would be a long list. So, if you want to do this tag PLEASE DO! Consider yourself tagged. 

The Video

Here it is. Enjoy, subscribe, share! 

The Cards

Doing the tag yourself and want the content cards? Here they are for your use/enjoyment. 

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