Book Wheel

Today I spun the book wheel over on Instagram for the first time.

What the heck is a book wheel?

Good question. 

It’s a wheel (obviously) containing categories that apply to my list of books I want to read (affectionetly known as the TBR). I have many categories in my head as possible options but the wheel itself only holds 6 at a time. 

Have you ever had those moments where you finish a book and have NO IDEA what to read next?

Insert book wheel. It can be completely random, or not. There’s really no rules. I spin the wheel and choose a book from that category. It essentially helps narrow my choice.


Now that I’ve spun for the first time and have started the book, what are my thoughts?

  • It was FUN! Choosing a book isn’t always fun. Sometimes I feel like I’m not making the best choice or I feel guilty about the books I’m not reading. Sometimes I worry about page count and if I chose one that is too long to get done before the monthly wrap up. This put the fun back into choosing a book and took that stress OUT. 
  • I’m going to love this! This book that came up is one I scored for like 25 cents at a library sale. I, honestly, forgot I bought it. It wasn’t a title that I would’ve naturally picked next. It’s a title that would’ve gotten lost in that massive TBR (again). I LOVE that the first book to come up on the wheel was one I had forgotten about because THAT WAS THE IDEA behind the wheel. Choose books for me that I wouldn’t have chosen myself and, hopefully, I’ll love them!

I want YOU to enjoy the wheel

That’s one thing I’ve determined after spinning. This would be so great for everyone!

So, here’s what I’m thinking. 

  • If you need a book when I’m going to be spinning – I’m spinning for us both! Last night the category of PHYSICAL TBR came up. I explained that this was books I OWNED but hadn’t read. Need a book right now? Why not go choose one of those off your shelf? We all have them, right?
  • I chose COMPLETELY RANDOMLY. Meaning, I used a random number generator to pick my book. But you don’t have to! 
The wheel and it’s 6 categories are over my shoulder, you can see it stopped on Physical TBR. Here is the book my random number generator picked for me!

If you are participating, TELL ME!

I’d love to know what you’re reading and what you think of it. I may even be doing a giveaway of this little 25 cent score after I’m done with it! 

Stay tuned to my social media (links should be on the sidebar of this website if you’re on a computer or on the ABOUT ME page if you’re on a smaller device) for more news soon. I’ll be posting about swapping categories on the wheel and when I’ll spin again!

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