2022 Book Review: Maximum Ride Forever

Maximum Ride Forever

Maximum Ride Forever by James Patterson

YA Science Fiction, 2015 from Little Brown, 400 Pages 

What I Didn’t Like:

  • We didn’t NEED a 9th book in this series. Ok, the ending of the 8th one was one that made you think. One that made you assume things and didn’t give you all the answers. But I sort of liked that. I think Patterson did too. I think that’s why the original copy of the 8th book said it was the last book. 
  • It’s all been done before. By this series, in fact. The same bad guys, the same storylines, the same risks. It’s all back. Which can be good or bad, I suppose. 
  • Angel. Ever since the book when Angel started trying to take control of things she hasn’t been my favorite. I kept hoping she’d balance out and find a happy medium but she still has those moments where I’m seriously concerned she’ll be the evil dictator in a future in this world. 

What I Did Like:

  • The ending. If you thought the 8th book ending on that uneven ground was painful, you’ll prefer this one. It has that happily-ever-after, everything all tied up with a bow thing you were looking for. 
  • Max is still Max and she’s great. She’s always been strong willed, stubborn, and independent. She’s always been equal parts caring and dangerous. She’s all that in this one and a little more. I still love her. 
  • Found family. This series is the BEST for the found family trope. This little group of kids are bound together in amazing ways and that is highlighted in this one even when they’re apart. 

Who Should Read This One:

  • Maximum Ride fans, even if you were avoiding it (like I was) because the 8th one was supposed to be the last one. 
  • Young adult readers who like dystopian style stories and want something creative, you can’t go wrong with this series about sassy kids with avian DNA who can FLY. 

My Rating: 3 stars. 

It’s a bit repetitive for the series but still a great concept with good characters. 

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