2022 Book Review: The Shadow

The Shadow

The Shadow by James Patterson

A Mystery/Thriller, 2021 by Grand Central Publishing, 400 Pages 

What I Didn’t Like:

  • The shadow isn’t the main character. While he’s important, this is the story of Maddy Gomes, a teenage girl in the future. If you have a background with this character or wanted him to take center stage, that will be highly disappointing. 
  • Under explored powers/gifts. I always like when we’re dealing with supernatural characters who are learning what they’re capable of. I felt cheated that we just jumped right over the part where they were learning them. It made them feel like they were instantly experts. 
  • Ending felt rushed and a bit too convenient. Which is weird considering it also felt like it was being left open for future sequels. Not my favorite ending. 

What I Did Like:

  • Supernatural powers are always fun. This makes use of a couple of good ones and I liked the way limitations or restrictions were put on them in this world. 
  • Lamont is a great character. He’s different than I expected, but still interesting. The entire concept of bringing the shadow into the future is intriguing. 
  • Short chapters keep you paced well through the story and heighten in the intensity. 

Who Should Read This One:

  • This one will likely appeal to a young adult audience who likes mystery/thriller and is intrigued by the idea of a superhero in a dystopian future world. 

My Rating: 2 Stars.

  • It was, in my opinion, problematic to borrow the character of the Shadow for this story. It would’ve been better to use a completely unknown superhero in this dystopian world. Also, this one reads like a young adult story. It would do better to be marketed as one of Patterson’s young adult novels. 

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