2022 Book Review: Overcome Social Anxiety

Overcome Social Anxiety

Overcome Social Anxiety by Noah Hill

A Nonfiction, Independently Published in 2021, 208 Pages 

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Dry. No anecdotes or stories to liven it up. Very few examples. Lots of repeat information. 
  • Why are we listening to this person? It isn’t established if this author is an expert in their field. We’re given absolutely no reason for trusting what this person says about social anxiety. That’s a HUGE problem for me. If I’m listening to someone with regards to a life skill, I’d like to know why I’m trusting you. 
  • Talks down to people. It becomes clear pretty quickly that this author believes being an introvert is a choice people make and something they can and should merely turn off. It also becomes pretty clear that the author believes all people are bullied or made fun of (there’s an extensive list of what you may be bullied or made fun of for) and the message seems to be to avoid being those things to avoid being made fun of. Definitely not a fan of that angle. 
  • No real concrete suggestions. There are a few toward the end of the book but they’re, honestly, pretty vague. Maintain eye contact, that sort of thing. Specific examples, anecdotes, or stories would have made it a lot more clear. 

What I Did Like:

  • The idea of social skills being something we should LEARN is absolutely correct. Social skills should be taught. On this we agree. 
  • The general tips were true. In general, in most settings, maintaining eye contact and listening to the speaker are the best social skills. 
  • The narrator does a good job. The voice of the audiobook is clear and precise, he doesn’t speak too quickly, and the material is easy to understand. 

Who Should Read This One:

  • Clearly there are readers who get more out of this than I did as there are some 4 and 5 star reviews on the audiobook platform. I’ll say if you want to work on basic social skills but don’t have an actual diagnosed social anxiety, you may be the audience for this book. 

My Rating: 2 Stars. 

  • I can’t ignore the problematic elements. 

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