2023 Book Review: Triple Cross

Triple Cross by James Patterson

A Mystery/Thriller, 2022 by Little Brown, 416 Pages 

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Weird chapter breaks. There are chapters that break mid-scene, it’s odd. Chapter breaks are almost becoming random and chaotic in this series.
  • Similar to things we’ve seen already in this series. Of course, this is book 30. At some point, what else can we try? 
  • Alex can’t do this forever. This series introduced us to this amazing character with a unique skill set. At some point, don’t we need to let this poor man retire in peace? I used to dread the day this series ended because I was enjoying it so much. Now I just want to see him get the ending he deserves.

What I Did Like:

  • Lots of storylines come together in this one in a satisfying way. Some of my favorite Alex Cross books have been the ones that leave us on a cliffhanger, knowing there’s another one coming. This is one of those.
  • Fast paced. This, of course, is what Patterson is known for. The book moves fast and you have to keep turning pages to keep up.
  • The characters are at their best. No personal drama, just all our favorites living their lives and doing their jobs. Love that! 

Who Should Read This One:

  • Fans of the series, obviously. This is a good one.
  • If you like detective novels that seem creative and different than everything else you’ve seen, the Alex Cross novels are always worth the time.

My Rating: 4 Stars

  • You do have to enjoy detective thrillers to enjoy these, but this is an excellent one!

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