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Tabatha is the author of multiple written works, including the Kingdom of Fraun series. She believes strongly in the power of helping others and is always willing to help out a fellow writer or reader. Find and connect with her on whichever social media platform you love best.

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  1. Elementary teachers come up with the coolest ideas! It’s so funny — when I read the comment you left on my blog with the list of ideas for summer, I thought, ‘She’d make a great kindergarten teacher.’ I have several good friends who teach elementary school and they, along with my kids’ teachers, inspire me with their creative, hands-on, never-ending bank of activities. Hope you’re having a great week!

  2. Hi! This is Carrie from A Writer and Her Adolescent Muse! I’d like to either interview you or have you write a guest post for the blog. Just let me know which you prefer and we’ll go from there. 🙂

  3. Hello tabatha. I’m writing a book of my own I will publish. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Madison!
      Keep writing. Anytime you’re writing something there are good days and bad. There are days when the words just don’t want to flow. My advice is to always keep writing!
      For more specific topics you can check out my YouTube channel. I talk about lots of things there.
      Thanks for asking!

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