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Good morning, friends!

I’m sitting here on my new furniture this morning working on all things Kingdom of Fraun. Naturally, this always makes me EXCITED to share pieces of Fraun information with you! 

Full disclosure: this picture is actually from yesterday. I’m wearing a different shirt today. Same basic idea. Want to see the furniture? Cool, follow me on Facebook or Instagram. There are pics there!

So, let’s talk about upcoming Fraun news.  


  • Cover and title reveal for Fraun 4 (unless you’re subscribed to my newsletter, in which case you already know the title)
  • ARC reader sign up begins (Interested? Email me so I can put you on the contact list)


  • Official preorders for Fraun 4 begin (YAY). Stay tuned to this website (or sign up for the newsletter) to avoid missing those. 
  • Fraun 5 information leak (again, newsletter folks already have this information. Man, it really pays to subscribe to that)


  • OFFICIAL RELEASE OF FRAUN 4. Barring any unforeseen challenges, the release date for this one is May 4, 2021. YAY!!!
  • Teaser chapter of Fraun 5 to blog. The plan is for the first chapter of Fraun 5 to drop RIGHT HERE ON THIS BLOG the week after the release of Fraun 4. Don’t worry, there are no spoilers in this chapter. BUT, I think you’ll LOVE it. 

Exciting, right?

I know, I know. You want more.

OK, you talked me into it.

Here’s a snippet from Fraun 4:

He drops to the floor again, drawing his knees up to his chest and wrapping his arms around them. He will not give up, this is not hopeless. He reminds himself again of the plan he’s hatched in the face of this adversity. 

Listen to the boy and find out what you can about the giants.


Get to Jordyn. 

Tell him what you’ve learned. 

Four steps. Four things to do. He repeats them. 

Find out what you can. Escape. Get to Jordyn. Share information.

They all seem so simple on the surface. It’s just the second one that’s proving difficult. 

Kingdom of Fraun Book 4 by Tabatha Shipley (title hidden until March 18, 2021

Oooohhhhh, so juicy. Right? Did I mention you should probably sign up for the newsletter to make sure you hear about preorders first? 

One more, just because I’m currently addicted to all things Fraun.

Here’s a snippet from Fraun 5:

I watch the muscles in his neck twitch as he swallows. Fear crosses his face. It’s like a drug, fear. It fills the veins of the person who feels it and change their behavior. I have been that person on many occasions. But fear is also a drug to those who cause it. I can feel it flowing in me now. I have the power to influence the life of this boy. I feel it like fire flowing through me. It’s mine to wield and control. 

Kingdom of Fraun Book 5 by Tabatha Shipley (title hidden until after May 4, 2021)

C’mon, you gotta love that darkness. So chilling!

Anyway, enough about Fraun.

Sign up for that newsletter, order the first three if you feel like you need to catch up, and drop a comment if you’re excited or have questions!

THANKS for always supporting and cheerleading for these books. They’re worth the hype, I promise.

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