Feb/March Fast Reviews

I’ve read 12 or 13 books since I last got around to posting reviews. Of course, I had a really good reason for missing those weeks. Still, it felt like it was time to get back into the review game. 

So, I split up those 12 or 13 books into two categories: books that deserved a full review treatment and those that didn’t need it. A book wouldn’t need a full review unless it was an ARC, a book I promised the full review treatment for, or a book that may be in the running for favorite in its genre at the end of the year. Everything else gets a fast review. 

Today, the video for those fast review titles went up. I’ll drop it at the end of this post … but here are those stats for you. 


Age Category: 5 A, 2 YA

Heavy on the adult age category stuff. I can’t say that’s surprising. Adult books are my default for audiobooks in the car, I’m an adult, and remember this is only about half of what I actually read. 

Genres: 3 Mystery/Thriller, 2 Science Fiction, 1 Fantasy, 1 Romance

Whew, what a mix. I’m sure that surprises exactly no one. 

Indie Authors: 7 No

Yikes. I guess we can argue that it’s because when I read independently published books I tend to make sure to leave a full review. 

Total Pages Read: 3,229

Average Pages per Book: 461

I did count the 270 pages I actually read of Way of Kings. This is probably an insanely high average … thanks, Stephen King.

Ratings: DNF, 2, 2.5, 3, 3, 4, 4

Book Notes That Didn’t Make the Video

The First Lady 

  • This was an audiobook I borrowed from the library.
  • I wasn’t sure what to expect for this one, despite having read a lot of Patterson in the past. I have never read anything by this coauthor and I haven’t read any of the political thrillers Patterson has penned in the past. I was underwhelmed, honestly. 
  • Anyway, get yourself a copy of this one here


  • I had a paperback copy of this one that I scored years ago at a little used bookstore. Turns out some JERK had ripped out a chapter. So I also snagged a physical copy from my library to get that chapter. 
  • You already know the wheel chose “start a new series” for this one. Well, did you know that this series was added to my list by a former student? A 7th grader (at the time) said this book was “AMAZING” and that’s how it ended up on my list. Thanks, kid!
  • Anyway, get yourself a copy of this one here

Deadly Cross

  • I already admitted this on Instagram, but here is the admittance again. I didn’t spin the wheel for this one. I didn’t have it on the schedule. I just decided I WAS READING IT. 
  • Bragging time: I own this entire series in first edition hardcovers. Actually, my Along Came a Spider is autographed by Patterson. The original Merry Christmas, Alex Cross was a paperback (not released in hardcover until later) so I have that one in paperback. The rest are hardcovers. It’s a beautiful little collection.
  • Anyway, get yourself a copy of this one here.

The Way of Kings

  • I had this as an audiobook from the library and as a paperback I bought for this purpose. I tried both before DNFing. 
  • I honestly feel like I may have to come back to this one SOMEDAY because of how much people love it. I usually love high fantasy (hello Game of Thrones) and I have no problem with long books (see next reviewed title). I don’t know what happened with this one. 
  • Anyway, try yourself and get a copy here

The Stand

  • I decided it was time to read this in its entirety. I’ve seen the original movie. I’ve read parts of this book. I hadn’t tackled the entire beast. 
  • I borrowed the “extended version” on audiobook from the library. Even listening to it on 2x speed (which I always do) the 2-week loan expired before I was done. I hung on and reborrowed it as soon as I could. 
  • Anyway, still want to read this bad boy? Get your copy here

19th Christmas

  • I borrowed this one from the library as an audiobook. I have read the first 18 books in this series despite the fact that they seem to be taking a little down turn. 
  • I ADORED the angle the original books in this series took. I still recommend them for anyone looking for something DIFFERENT in detective novels. Somewhere along the way, they’ve lost their spark. 
  • Anyway, don’t take my word for it. Get yourself a copy here

PS I Still Love You

  • I won this paperback by completing the Adult Summer Reading program at my local library last year. It seemed like a good choice because I truly enjoyed the first book. 
  • I have NOT seen the second movie. I have seen the first one (but not until after I read the book). The book was better. 
  • Get yourself a copy of this one here

The Video

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