2022 Book Review: Churro and the Magician

Churro and the Magician Churro and the Magician by Gaston Caba Childrens’ Graphic Novel, Coming in February 2022 from Clarion Books, 32 Pages What I Didn’t Like: There’s absolutely no words (I’m coming back to this point, I promise). Not even a name. If it weren’t for the title we wouldn’t know this bunny was... Continue Reading →

2022 Book Review: Ash Princess

Ash Princess Ash Princess by Laura Sebastian YA Fantasy, Ember 2018, 432 Pages What I Didn’t Like: Characters who fit their cliches. I wanted someone to break out of their expected role and I’m still waiting on that. No surprises yet, just people behaving as you’d expect for the role they’re written into. I want more... Continue Reading →

November Bonus Reads

So a few months ago I started posting my reviews directly to Goodreads and Amazon when I finished a book, instead of waiting for my slow self to get around to filming a review. There were some that were never going to get the full YouTube treatment, mostly because they were back list titles that... Continue Reading →

2021 Quarter 3 Stats

I just went searching back through my old documents and in the MOST 2021 move ever … it seems I never actually posted (or looked at) my second quarter stats in 2021. Is that right? It doesn’t seem right, but here we are.  SO today I’ll make sure I compare the 3rd quarter (which just... Continue Reading →

September Bonus Reads

If you're new around here, WELCOME. Basically, I'm behind on everything, the TBR is overflowing, and I can't read fast enough to get through everything I want to read. But I'm trying! So, buckle up, here’s some details on the backlist bonus reads for September.  Statistics Age Category: 3 YA, 1 A That's a LOT... Continue Reading →

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