TBR Panic

Screenshot from my Goodreads (linked in sidebar)

I have 151 books on my TBR at the moment. 

This is the basic fact that started my panic spiral this morning. 151 books doesn’t sound like a lot, really. Not when you consider the fact that I regularly read over 100 books in a single year. That’s like … a year and a half of reading. That’s not too bad. 

See? 100 books a year is typical for me. Screenshot from my Goodreads, again.

Except I add books as fast as I read them. 

Case in point? I am currently reading 2 (this is typical for me) and yet this week I added 3 to my TBR. Oops. 

I had a list when I started the year. On it were 24 books I wanted to make sure I read in 2022. These were the 24 oldest independently published books on my TBR. I already own them. But they’ve been sitting on my TBR for a long time just waiting for me to get the time to read them. 

The list before I started marking/color them in as I read.

I’ve read half of them. 


This list as it stands currently.

It’s October. More to the point, it’s more than halfway through October. 

I have to read the other 12 of these (I’m reading 1 right now) plus anything else my book club reads this year (should be 4 more titles) plus anything else I promise to read/review this year (currently there are 5 of those but I’m sure more will come). 

So, although I’m VERY CLOSE to my year long reading goal having already finished 99 of the promised 104 books, I’m officially entering TBR PANIC season. The season where I start to realize I’ll NEVER read them all and I don’t know how I feel about that. 

Anyone else get this random spiral moment when they think about their reading lists? Please tell me I’m not alone … 

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