October Wrap Up

  • 12 Books 
  • 4,095 Pages
  • 132 Pages per day (YAY)


  • 3 Contemporary Fiction
  • 2 Romance
  • 2 Fantasy
  • 2 Horror
  • 2 Mystery/Thriller
  • 1 Paranormal

Seriously, I read everything. Got a genre you think I should try, let me know! I’m always up for new things.


  • 5 Young Adult
  • 7 Adult


  • 2 ARC or Review copies supplied by the author or publisher
  • 6 Borrowed from the library or someone else
  • 5 Purchased outright over the years

SIDE NOTE: Yet again I have one that fits two categories at the same darn time. I have a copy of Party that I won in a giveaway. But you see that category isn’t here … that’s because I also borrowed the physical copy my son has for this read. So I put down that it was a borrowed copy. It’s both. Whatever.

  • 4 Independently Published
  • 1 Traditionally Published ARC 
  • 7 Backlist Titles

Need a Rec?

5 Star Run Out and Get These Books:

  • Eyes on the Road, YA Contemporary. This amazing story is about two teenagers going on a road trip in the 90s before cell phones and Google maps would’ve made the journey different. It’s touching, well written, and highly recommended!
  • Feed, A Science Fiction. Part horror, part sci-fi, part political thriller this book has it all! I was completely captivated. The banter will have you laughing out loud and you’ll fall in love with the characters. 
  • Party, YA Contemporary. Told in multiple perspectives to give you the full picture of one party following high school graduation, this one hits so many themes it’s amazing. Read this one to remind yourself how all of our stories are connected and that none of us is the main character of real life.

4 Star Worth Reading if you like this Genre:

  • Marshmallows, A Romance. Whether or not you’ve read Not Quite Out, the story this book is a companion/follow up to, I recommend this one if you like LGBTQ+ romance. Really, the original story was heartbreaking and tragic. This book is a healing journey for the main characters. Recommended even if you just need a healing book!
  • Saving Max, A Mystery/Thriller. If you’re a fan of the twisted thriller that shocks you … I’d recommend this one. Watch those content warnings though!
  • Dead Until Dark, A Paranormal. Vampires are accepted in society and the local bartender can read your mind. Get ready for adventure.

Alright, that’s October. Make sure you’ll following the new Insta so you don’t miss any updates as they drop!

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