March Progress Check 2021

Usually at the end of a month I post about my progress in a YouTube video on my channel. This month, since the progress is going to be limited at best, I decided to go with a blog post instead. So, welcome to the accountability post. 

Let’s talk about my March Progress!

You probably already know that I have a set of year long goals that I’m working towards in 2021.

These happen to be those goals, cool right?

By the end of February the progress had been slow but steady. I’d already picked a theme and the stories that would go in the short story anthology. I’d already taken steps toward publishing Fraun 4. Also, I was 19 books and 10 videos into the goals on the bottom right of the image. 

In March, I can’t say I had a focus outside of the personal stuff going on. Everything was going to be a good step in the right direction.

So, here’s what I actually did. 

  • Empowering Sawchett has a cover! That was the most important thing I wanted to do in March. It was promised on the newsletter that it would drop on social media and it did!
Empowering Sawchett by Tabatha Shipley coming 5.4.2021
  • Actually, formatting is also done on this book. The ARCs are already on the way to my house! YAY.
  • I did edit a few chapters (really only about 5) and write a little this month. Nothing concrete and nothing amazing … but at least I kept moving. 

Then there’s the yearlong goals, the ones I always have to be making progress on if I hope to hit them by the end of the year. 

  • Read 104 books?

So far I’m at 28. I’m in the process of reading one and listening to one audiobook right now. With any luck, those will be 29 and 30 for the year. 

Before you ask: NO, I didn’t count The Way of Kings (which I did not finish) toward the total. 

As a reminder, here was my official March TBR. These included review copies and advanced reader copies I had to get to before the month was over. 

  • 2 Review Requests (Death Donor and Colour of Your Voice)
  • 2 Advanced Reader Copies (The Lost Village and The Gatekeeper of Paricael)
  • 1 Shield for Highest Rated book on my TBR 
My official March TBR
  • After I finished these 5 I started the bonus wheel. Again, I’ve ADORED this bonus wheel! OMG I can’t even explain how much I enjoy the semi-randomness of the wheel for choosing my next read. Seriously, if we ever line up on when we need a new book I highly suggest you take the wheel’s recommendation for yourself. It’s SO FUN!
  • My first spin landed on Kid’s Choose. We had a lot of fun letting my kids pick 2 books each on Instagram stories. I then picked from their options! I ended up with PS I Still Love You by Jenny Han. 
The IG post of me and my bonus wheel selection (Kids Choose)
  • Second spin landed on Surprise Delivery. This one takes a little explaining. Basically, since I started the YouTube channel books sometimes show up at my house without me requesting them. I don’t know where they come from or how these publishers get my address … but the books are here. Until this popped up on the wheel, I hadn’t actually read any of them. I let a random number generator pick from the list and that’s how I ended up reading Super Doll. 
IG post of me and my second bonus wheel spin – SURPRISE DELIVERY

This is the book I’m currently working my way through. 

With those books being finished, my March Actually Read looks like this …

  • 2 Reviews, 2 ARCs, 1 Audiobooks, and 2 Bonus Wheel spins make this a 7 book month. Not bad considering we spent a week with hubby in the hospital (where I honestly didn’t pick up a book AT ALL).

What’s Next?

In April I have a shocking 4 Review Requests (because amazing authors who I have worked with before reached out and I couldn’t say no to authors I love): Stonebearer’s Betrayal, A Soul Fractured, The Tech, and Chimera. 

Then I have an Advanced Reader Copy: Scars of Cereba

So, with 5 books already on the TBR, I made the choice to NOT add a shield this month. I know, I know … I’m breaking my own rules. But if you can’t break your own rules, whose rules can you break?

I’ll add the Oldest Book on my TBR to the bonus wheel if/when I finish these 5. Deal?

Anyway, here’s my official April TBR.

My official April TBR
  • 52 YouTube videos? Well, we only added 2 in March (I think) so we’re sitting at 12 for the year. We know 12 is not perfect … but we’re alright with it. We’re still on track.

Alright, that’s it for me and my March progress report. 

Thanks for all the kind words and well wishes during the crazy month. Thanks for the support during the Empowering Sawchett cover reveal. Stay tuned for preorders and make sure you sign up for the newsletter to get lots of cool insider information each month!

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