2022 Book Review: Songs of Thalassa

Songs of Thalassa by Brian N Tissot YA Science Fiction, 2020 by BookBaby, 320 Pages What I Didn’t Like: Skewed impact of emotional scenes. There were deaths in this one that almost felt more shocking in the non-reaction of the characters to the deaths. You expect it to pack a punch, emotionally, and instead it... Continue Reading →

2022 Book Review: If It Bleeds

If It Bleeds by Stephen King A Horror, 2020 by Scribner, 447 Pages  What I Didn’t Like: Genre issues. These are described as horror but they’re really not as scary as we’ve come to expect from King. They’re paranormal or creepy, sure, but they were calmer than I was wanting. Not all equal. In fact, I’m... Continue Reading →

2022 Book Review: Blood & Magic Eternal

Blood & Magic Eternal by Jessaca Willis YA Fantasy, Indie Published in 2022, 382 Pages  What I Didn’t Like: Editing errors. To be fair, I am working from an ARC so it’s possible some of these were caught before publication. Normally, I ignore grammatical errors in my copies (especially my ARCs) but these are worth... Continue Reading →

2022 Book Review: Us Against You

Us Against You by Fredrik Backman A Contemporary, 2017 by Washington Square Press, 448 Pages What I Didn’t Like: There are a lot of characters in this one (again, as there were in the first book in this duology, Beartown) so it can feel muddled in a few spots. I will say that I felt... Continue Reading →

March 2022 Reading Stats

March is over. It's time to take a look back on what I read this month, see if I'm still on track for my massive reading goal, and get you some good reading recommendations.

2022 Book Review: The Wayward Haunt

The Wayward Haunt by Cas E Crowe YA Fantasy, Independently Published in 2020, 378 Pages What I Didn’t Like: Some slower scenes. It wasn’t particularly one section of the book, which is good, but there were scenes that slowed the pace. With other readers tagging this one as dark fantasy and horror I wanted more from... Continue Reading →

Red Flags for Authors

Yesterday I posted about red flags book reviewers may encounter that would warn them away from working with an author. Well, that’s only one side of this relationship.

2022 Book Review: The Body

The Body by Stephen King A Contemporary, 1982 by Scribner, 192 Pages  What I Didn’t Like: As always with King there are scenes that aren’t really necessary. They’re inserted to give the character realism and life but they always make you wonder if you really needed that information. They’re details about personal lives that fall... Continue Reading →

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