October Plans

I haven’t had a truly good writing month since January. Best to just rip the bandaid off with the true statements right from the start, yes? So, that’s the hard reality. January was the last time I saw myself make my goals overall for the month and make enough progress to be impressed with what... Continue Reading →

2022 Book Review: Grave Secrets

Grave Secrets by Kathy Reichs A Mystery/Thriller, 2002 by Scribner, 315 Pages  What I Didn’t Like: This isn’t really a bad thing, just worth mentioning. Every time I tackle this series I have to remind myself it’s not the Bones show I love. Sure it’s Temperance Brennan and she’s a forensic anthropologist, but that’s where... Continue Reading →

2022 Book Review: Shadow Pandemic

Shadow Pandemic by HG Ahedi A Science Fiction, Independently Published in 2021, 292 Pages  What I Didn’t Like: Some grammatical or typographical errors. None major and I was able to easily figure out what was meant. A little too much telling (vs showing). I would’ve liked a little more emotion.The big reveal felt a little rushed.... Continue Reading →

New and Exciting Changes

My sister and I are known for being incredibly different. One of us will cry at Hallmark commercials and one of us is famous for refusing to cry. One of us leads with her heart and one leads with her head. But we’ve always had one major thing in common … books. We both read... Continue Reading →

2022 Book Review: Seeds of Vengeance

Seeds of Vengeance by Sylvia Nobel A Mystery/Thriller, 2007 by Nite Owl Books, 385 Pages  What I Didn’t Like: Grant and his entire storyline didn’t work for me. I didn’t like him, I didn’t like the way he made Kendall act, and I didn’t like Tally’s reaction to him.There’s an unusual amount of car accidents... Continue Reading →

2022 Book Review: Enclave

Enclave by Ann Aguirre YA Science Fiction, 2011 by Feiwel and Friends, 259 Pages  What I Didn’t Like: The fight scenes are awkward and choppy. We’ve heard this story before. It has parts of so many dystopian stories that I’ve read and nothing overly original stands out to me. The romance ARC felt forced and awkward.  ... Continue Reading →

2022 Book Review: The Lost Sisters

The Lost Sisters by Holly Black YA Fantasy, 2018 by NOVL, 50 Pages  What I Didn’t Like: Taryn. If you’re familiar with the Folk of the Air series, you already have opinions about this character. I can’t say this book will change them. Call that a warning. Nothing added to the series. Of course, that’s the... Continue Reading →

2022 Book Review: The Orphan’s Tale

The Orphan’s Tale by Pam Jenoff A Historical Fiction, 2017 by Mira, 353 Pages  What I Didn’t Like: Insta love. It’s my least favorite trope and it definitely appeared in this one. You find one of the main characters risking everything for insta love which just doesn’t work for me.Flat characters. I felt like I... Continue Reading →

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