Noises From the Other Side

When I originally wrote the book that would become Noises From the Other Side I wasn’t sure how good it was. That happens to me a lot, actually. I have this great idea that I’m all fired up about. I write an outline. I write the book. Then I get worried that it wasn’t really... Continue Reading →

October Plans

I haven’t had a truly good writing month since January. Best to just rip the bandaid off with the true statements right from the start, yes? So, that’s the hard reality. January was the last time I saw myself make my goals overall for the month and make enough progress to be impressed with what... Continue Reading →

September 2021 WrapUp

In typical 2021 fashion, I’m a bit behind on my list of things to do. Evidence #1-the fact that this is already October 6 and I’m barely sitting down to take a look at how my September went. Let’s check on that progress--better late than never! WRITING This month I had trouble getting out of... Continue Reading →

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