Opening Up

Today's post is a work of fiction. But it's one I'm sure people can relate to. If it speaks to you, leave a comment.

Page 42

It’s a strange prompt, really. A random page number. How does one tackle such an odd prompt? You can grab for the book you’re reading, flip to page 42 and talk about it. You can use the first line of that page for inspiration. You can borrow the feeling of that page and craft something... Continue Reading →


“In ancient legends, the goddess Aphrodite appears to mortals in the form of whatever they find most attractive, whether it is male, female, both, or neither. What form do they take for you?”Describe the color of their skin in words other than color, describe the smell of their skin, or the way they move. This... Continue Reading →

Second Person Challenge

Recently on my YouTube channel I promised to post a short story or selection using second person point of view. Below, you'll find that post. As always, be cool and don't steal. If you decide to take up the challenge as well drop a link to your own short story or selection in the comments.... Continue Reading →

March Wrap-Up and April Goals

March Wrap-Up Write 500 Words (per day)FAILEDI averaged 427 words per day.I wrote a grand total of 13,267 words this month despite being in serious editing mode on 2 books and subbing full-time in a 4th grade classroom.My best day was March 21st with 3,422 words.Read 100 pages (per day)ACHIEVEDI averaged 119 pages per day.I... Continue Reading →

New Face

You probably already noticed that the website got a new face and a new name. Don't worry. The blog will still be here. If you're here for the stories, anecdotes, and'll always be here. It's just now I can offer the other things I get asked for the sales. Right from my personal... Continue Reading →

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