Today’s prompt is one simple word: pretend.

If you write something inspired by this prompt be sure to let me know in the comments so I can check it out!

Remember when you were little and you played pretend? You’d sit in a tree outside and imagine it was a great throne and you were ruling over the greatest Kingdom in the world. Or maybe you’d sit at a table in the living room and pretend that you were a teacher sitting at a reading group leading children through a book study. Maybe you were a chef, a doctor, or a lawyer arguing a big case. Either way, when you’re young, pretend is a game that you enjoy. 

As adults, pretend is entirely different. We pretend it doesn’t hurt. We pretend we have money, can keep up with the neighbors, and aren’t sad. We pretend we know what we’re talking about. We pretend we understand themes that are too big for us. We pretend to relate to people, understand them, and listen to them. 

Sure, most of us are good people deep down. But isn’t there always something we’re pretending about?

As always this is my original work. Don’t steal.

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