August Wrap up and September Goals

Projection was chosen as the September book of the month for Mabby’s Book Club over on Twitter! Basically, we read the book and at the end of the month the ladies from Mabby’s post discussion questions and you can TWEET your answers/discussion. It’s a LOT of fun and a good excuse to read Projection! Grab your copy today and join us.

August WRAP UP

  • Write 1000 Words (per day)
    • FAILED
    • I don’t even have a good explanation, honestly. I subbed a few times, sure, but I don’t think that’s it. Honestly I got wrapped up in rewriting chapters of the Magical YA. Rewrites don’t really count towards words (because you delete words and then add words so it works out to be about the same) and they don’t really count as edits (because you didn’t edit). So, ick, I guess.
  • Read 150 Pages (per day)
    • I averaged 151
    • Honestly, this is one of those months that highlights how insane this word count goal really is. I finished 13 books this month (11 when I filmed the wrap up and 2 since then) and yet BARELY hit my word goal. Isn’t that bananas?
    • On my best day (August 9) I actually read 519 pages in one day because I had review deadlines to hit. Maybe that’s what happened to my word count, I got wrapped up in reading?
  • Edit 2 Chapters per day
    • FAILED
    • See excuses back in the writing goal I failed.
    • Honestly I truly edited over 30 chapters in the Magical YA and it’s so much better than it was. That’s just not enough for the goal.
  • Post at least 2 shorts to the blog
  • Post new videos to YouTube on Tuesdays
    • I posted videos every Tuesday, have you subscribed yet?


  • I also had some WINS that weren’t necessarily goals.
    • I participated in the #augustauthorwipchallenge over on Instagram and posted a lot of cool pictures about my Magical YA girls. 
    • Beta feedback coming in on the 3rd Kingdom of Fraun book (title coming soon) is REALLY POSITIVE.
    • I’m a substitute teacher on the side and I made it a goal to get into classrooms more this year. In August I subbed 5 times.


August wasn’t what I wanted, so I’m keeping them the same for now. Wish me luck!

  • Write 1000 words per day
  • Read 150 Pages per day
  • Edit 2 Chapters Per Day
  • Post at least 2 shorts to the blog
  • Post new videos to YouTube on Tuesdays


  • On Twitter I’m probably doing #authorconfession and #SmoreWords again. I may jump back to #MerryWriter (depending on the topic). 
  • Over on Instagram I’m hoping there’s a new poetry board I can play. I’m also attempting the #authorschallenge2019 so we’ll see how that goes.
  • If you know of any other cool games I should be playing in September, drop them in the comments!

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