Push Away

I have a character in a current work-in-progress who makes the observation that "sometimes when you push someone away, they actually go." It sparked a poem. Enjoy! (But, as always, don't steal. Be cool.) One day you'll open those eyes and I won't be there.One day you'll come home famished but There won't be food.One... Continue Reading →


Welcome to another edition of "I found this in my idea journal and thought you'd be interested in it". As always, please remember you're welcome to comment but don't steal. Enjoy!

Week 2

If you're joining me for the December Writing Challenge, you'll find the image you can use for Week 2. Our weeks for the challenge start every Saturday (so I'm a few days late posting this picture). Be sure to let me know in the comments if you're playing so I can catch a post! THANKS.... Continue Reading →

Week One Challenge

Let's talk poetry today. This poem originally appeared in my first poetry book, Modern Classics: A Book of Poetry, published in 2008 (and no longer in print). There are over 60 poems in this collection and yet this one will forever be the one that reveals a truth about me. I've tried, in the years since,... Continue Reading →

30 Day Writing Challenge-Day 30

First, let me say this in case you decide not to stick around until the end of the post. I am going to be loading up a December Writing Challenge tomorrow. The December Writing Challenge will be WEEKLY with very generic topics. You can post daily if you want (on topic) or just once a... Continue Reading →

30 Day Writing Challenge-Day 29

I haven't given much thought to how November really went (because it went so fast) or how December will go yet. I guess today is as good a day as any to do just that. November Wrap-Up First, let me say this. November is not over! These will not be my official numbers until tomorrow.... Continue Reading →

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