Week 2

Talk about your work process or environment.

If you’re joining me for the December Writing Challenge, you’ll find the image you can use for Week 2. Our weeks for the challenge start every Saturday (so I’m a few days late posting this picture). Be sure to let me know in the comments if you’re playing so I can catch a post! THANKS.

My Work Process

I’m a full-time writer now so my day includes a lot of writing related things. My process for a day looks like this:

  • Writing
    • This happens in at least two sessions, the first of which is usually the longest at roughly 2 hours. I count words and try not to let myself fall below 1400 for a day.
  • Reading
    • This happens in at least two sessions as well. The second one is usually in the parent pickup line at school and is only about 10 minutes while I wait for the kiddos. I try not to let myself fall below 140 pages for a day.
  • Editing
    • I block out time for each day (about 30 minutes) to spend editing something I’ve already written. Right now I’m working on editing Redeeming Jordyn (Book 2 for the Kingdom of Fraun series). I try to edit at least a chapter a day.
  • Marketing
    • I spend about 30-45 minutes a day working on marketing or promotional things for upcoming events. If I have no upcoming events I use this time to email people about events that can be put on my calendar. 
  • Social Media
    • I spent at least 30 minutes a day keeping my various accounts current. I make sure events are on the Facebook page, I answer questions over on Goodreads, and I play writing games on Twitter.

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