Week One, Part 2

This week we’re talking truths. 

I love driving.

That’s a truth about me you may or may not know. I was the kind of kid that always enjoyed being out in the neighborhood visiting friends. But I never liked riding bikes. Actually, I suppose I once did. But after a pretty bad wipe-out when I was in elementary school, I decided I hated them. Not being a bike person lends itself to being a grown-up who’s not a motorcycle person. I’m a car person.

I understand and appreciate how dangerous cars can be. My Dad, when he was teaching me how to drive, made it very clear that what I was operating was a dangerous weapon. The first time I went out with my own license to pick up a friend and hang out somewhere my Dad reminded me that I was literally taking her life into my hands. He reminded me to be responsible every single time I sit behind that wheel. I’ve never forgotten that lesson.

I think it’s part of the draw, the danger. You know that you absolutely cannot be lost in your own head. You have to be focused on the road. You have to be watching for other drivers. You have to stay vigilant. You’re in control. Really, isn’t that perfectionist gold?

In a car you control the temperature. You control the speed. You control the choices you make and how much you follow the rules of the road. You cannot claim ignorance, not really, because you took (and presumably passed) a test on those very rules. You make conscious choices about which ones you follow or which ones you let slide a little. You control the route you take when driving. You control the music you listen to while driving. You set the rules for your vehicle and who can or cannot ride with you. Driving is the ultimate in control.

Plus, there’s something to be said for the amount of thinking you can get into while you are on a straight road by yourself. Who among us can say they’ve never let themselves imagine a conversation, think about a decision, or just internally rant? I certainly can’t. Driving is the perfect way to earn some alone time in a way that isn’t rude to someone else. Some days when I can’t get my head around the next ideas for a book I take care of all my errands that require driving. It’s amazing how many times I’ve come up with something that way.

What about you, are you fan of driving?

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