Life Update-June 2021

Do you ever have those moments where you realize you just need to take a quick stock of your life? Like, do a quick reflection and see what’s going on?

January Wrap Up and February Goals

JANUARY WRAP UP Write 1,400 Words (per day)ACHIEVED!I averaged 1,525 words per day in JanuaryBest Day: January 24 with 6,318 words writtenGrand Total: 47,276 wordsRead 140 Pages (per day)ACHIEVED!I averaged 141 pages per day in JanuaryBest Day: January 10 with 410 pages readGrand Total: 4,382 pagesEdit 1 Chapter per dayACHIEVEDI averaged 1.8 chapters per day... Continue Reading →

Week One, Part 2

This week we're talking truths.  I love driving. That’s a truth about me you may or may not know. I was the kind of kid that always enjoyed being out in the neighborhood visiting friends. But I never liked riding bikes. Actually, I suppose I once did. But after a pretty bad wipe-out when I... Continue Reading →

Week One Challenge

Let's talk poetry today. This poem originally appeared in my first poetry book, Modern Classics: A Book of Poetry, published in 2008 (and no longer in print). There are over 60 poems in this collection and yet this one will forever be the one that reveals a truth about me. I've tried, in the years since,... Continue Reading →

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