30 Day Writing Challenge-Day 18

I loathe talking about myself, but the challenge is 30 facts about me. GO!

  1. I’m almost 6 feet tall
  2. I play hockey
  3. I used to think I wanted to be a marine biologist
  4. I love coloring
  5. I love horses
  6. I love horseback riding
  7. Italian food is my FAVORITE
  8. Followed closely by tacos
  9. My favorite color is green
  10. The Secret Garden is the first book I fell in love with
  11. Speed was the first movie I remember listing as a favorite
  12. Growing up I was terrified of Gremlins
  13. I hate avocado
  14. I love cooking
  15. I put garlic in (almost) everything
  16. Oh and cilantro (I love cilantro)
  17. As a kid I once tried to convince people my name was Becky
  18. I danced with a classic ballet studio for YEARS
  19. I once accidentally stole a pack of hair ties
  20. I returned them the next day when I found them in a pocket
  21. I used to own a HUGE box full of Barbies and accessories
  22. My first year of teaching I taught with three of my former teachers
  23. I graduated high school at 17
  24. and college at 21
  25. I married my high school sweetheart (and we’re still together)
  26. I once cracked a rib playing hockey
  27. Amtrak lost a bag of my luggage about 20 years ago
  28. I never got that bag back and I’m still annoyed
  29. I had Leonardo DiCaprio posters in my room when I was a kid
  30. I only own 5 pairs of shoes

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