30 Day Writing Challenge-Day 19

The challenge today is to write about your first love. Interesting. But I’ve done that before, actually. See, I married my first love.

I don’t want to tell our story. Not today. But I wrote out pieces of it over the years. I’ll give you one small memory that comes from a dance during our Senior year of high school.

Anyone who has ever been this close to a friend knows that there is a moment of no return. A moment when you are faced with the chance to either move forward and take the next step in your relationship or ignore it and be committed forever to be friends, and nothing more.  For Brent and I this dance was that moment, and we both remember the night clearly. I can remember the exact moment when our relationship took a turn to “something more”. We were dancing on the outskirts of the dance floor to a slow song, my arms were wound around his neck and his arms were wrapped around my waist.  He smelled fantastic and we were moving our bodies in rhythm to the music. As we danced we moved closer and closer until there was no room between our bodies.  Then softly, so soft I am not sure to this day that I heard it, Brent whispered “I missed this” in a voice like a sigh. Then he hugged me tighter. I looked up into his beautiful blue eyes, the eyes that had taught me what it meant to be “lost”, and he kissed me.  It was not my first kiss, but I remember it like it was my first kiss. I can still close my eyes and tell you his hands were at the small of my back, we were dancing so close that my feet were actually between his feet, my arms were locked around his neck, and I was aware of the fact that we are almost the same height.  He was chewing gum, although I don’t remember the flavor, and he was a great kisser. When we finally broke away the song was over; that was probably the only moment when I realized there were other people in the room.

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