30 Day Writing Challenge-Day 20

Celebrity Crushes

I have a feeling none of these are going to surprise anyone. They were pretty obvious/regular celebrity crushes for someone of my age as a teenager (or preteen). But here’s three throwback celebrity crushes I’ve had in my day.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Basketball Diaries, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, Titanic, Romeo and Juliet; was there any role Leo couldn’t tackle? I wasn’t the only teenage girl re-watching all the movies, reading the magazines, and hanging up posters. If you had asked me to name only one celebrity crush, it would’ve been this guy. I may have outgrown the crush, but I still cheered (for old-time sake) when he finally got his Oscar.

Jared Leto

I don’t think teenage me expected this guy, who we lovingly watched in My So-Called Life, to still be a rather huge box office star when I was an adult. I certainly didn’t expect him to sport the crazy appearance of Joker in Suicide Squad. If you made me pull up a single scene of a show or movie that gives you major celebrity crush memories or vibes it would be Jared as Jordan Catalano singing “I wanna be sedated”. 

Christian Slater

This one may be a little odd because I don’t remember finding Christian Slater in any of those teeny bopper magazines. But I loved Robin Hood Prince of Thieves and he was, by far, the best angsty character in that movie. I can still give you that entire rhyme about the river crossing without having to look it up. 

Your Turn

Tell me who your celebrity crushes were in the comments!

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