30 Day Writing Challenge-Day 21

This is a good prompt. As a teacher and a parent I spend a lot of time thinking about what life lessons children need to learn. I think about how to (safely) teach that lesson. I think about who the appropriate person to teach that lesson would be. There are a LOT of lessons that I know I’m responsible for teaching my own children. In no particular order, here’s three of them.

Be Humble

You are not more important than anyone else. You don’t need to talk over someone, cut in line, or take from others. You are important. So are they.

Dream Big

Nothing in life is truly impossible. I used to say practically nothing in life is impossible. But with technology and creativity I’m starting to think nothing is. I want my kids to talk about their dreams. I want them to think about how they could possibly get that thing they’re dreaming of. Then I want to support that dream. I understand it may change. That’s okay too.


I can’t count how many times I’ve told my son (13) to be his own advocate when it comes to juvenile migraines. I want them to help others understand. More importantly, I’m (trying) to teach my kids to advocate for others. To be the voice for people who don’t have a voice or for people who can’t find it. 

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