Second Person Challenge

Recently on my YouTube channel I promised to post a short story or selection using second person point of view. Below, you'll find that post. As always, be cool and don't steal. If you decide to take up the challenge as well drop a link to your own short story or selection in the comments.... Continue Reading →

Week Four

Holiday Traditions We have a LOT of those around this family. Here's a few: Christmas Jammies-Each member of the family opens ONE package before going to bed on Christmas Eve. It's ALWAYS Christmas Pajamas.Christmas Eve Game Night-Each Christmas Eve we have a BIG get together. Everyone brings a dish to share so there's plenty of... Continue Reading →

Week Three

A memory or story? Well I tell those all the time! Let's see if I can come up with one that I've never written about on here before.  San Diego My husband and I took my kids on an amazing vacation to San Diego in 2014. We had plans to stay in a nice hotel,... Continue Reading →

Week 2, Part 2

My writing environment fluctuates based on what I'm working on for the day or how much motivation I need. Let me break it down for you: Writing If the task I'm doing is writing there's really only one thing I need, a computer. Heck, in a pinch, I've even written by hand in a notebook... Continue Reading →

Week 2

If you're joining me for the December Writing Challenge, you'll find the image you can use for Week 2. Our weeks for the challenge start every Saturday (so I'm a few days late posting this picture). Be sure to let me know in the comments if you're playing so I can catch a post! THANKS.... Continue Reading →

Week One, Part 2

This week we're talking truths.  I love driving. That’s a truth about me you may or may not know. I was the kind of kid that always enjoyed being out in the neighborhood visiting friends. But I never liked riding bikes. Actually, I suppose I once did. But after a pretty bad wipe-out when I... Continue Reading →

Week One Challenge

Let's talk poetry today. This poem originally appeared in my first poetry book, Modern Classics: A Book of Poetry, published in 2008 (and no longer in print). There are over 60 poems in this collection and yet this one will forever be the one that reveals a truth about me. I've tried, in the years since,... Continue Reading →

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