Week Three

Tell about a memory or story you'll never forget.

A memory or story? Well I tell those all the time! Let’s see if I can come up with one that I’ve never written about on here before. 

San Diego

My husband and I took my kids on an amazing vacation to San Diego in 2014. We had plans to stay in a nice hotel, visit the zoo, see the ocean, and eat at restaurants. It was better, somehow, than we even imagined. 

My kids fight. A lot. But somehow the magic of vacation had them enjoying who they were as individuals instead of worrying about what the other one was doing. It’s strange and inexplicable. We’ve been on vacation since then, but somehow this one was magical. 

My kids are picky eaters too. They often won’t eat something because it “looks gross” or because they don’t know what it is. This vacation that didn’t happen. In fact, we went to one restaurant where we ordered a ton of small plates for the table to share. The food was all things they wouldn’t necessarily know or recognize. They ate everything we put in front of them. The entire vacation they ate everything we put in front of them. It was wonderful. Weird, but wonderful.

The zoo, which I always enjoy, is HUGE. We feared our kids would complain about the amount of walking. They didn’t. They loved the zoo. They loved the animals, they shared the snacks and water we brought, and they had a great time.  

I’m not sure why San Diego proved to be such a magical vacation for my family. Maybe my kids were at the perfect ages for such a trip. Maybe it had something to do with the amount of time it had been since we’d taken a vacation. Whatever it is, my family will never forget that trip. 

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